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Dec 8, 2013 4:45pm EST
a lot of energy to reporting on david ms. h. was that a design as well year? >> you know, david ms. cabbages the brigham young of scientology often times you have a religious entrepreneurially juices met who created more minutes than. many new religions are created, but they don't survive after the death of the charismatic leader because there's no person to follow a period david miscarriage save scientology. they saved it from the mistakes hubbard made. 1993 -day-old billion dollars for at the time. at the time, we at $129 million. they've decided we have to get our tax exemption. saturday go about it? been launched 2400 lawsuit against the irs and individual agents. they hired private detectives to go around to conferences where they trail people and find out who's drinking too much, who was sleeping around to publish articles in the magazines about this and pass them the steps of 1111 constitution avenue, which is headquarters of the irs. they intimidated the irs. now whatever the merits of their case, those were the facts that surrounded their getting a tax exemption. it was --
Dec 8, 2013 7:45pm EST
of energy brings in revenues and the prime minister who also happened to be in charge of the investment authorities is the guy who invests the funds that are brought in. also, it is her foundation that is in charge of culture activities and universities like georgetown and texas a&m and others to come. she also oversees cultural activities as well. and then you have h
Dec 8, 2013 5:45pm EST
with our tax code to get people more freedom and prosperity, what we can do to open our own energy supplies not only creating jobs, but the revenue to the federal and state governments to deal with our debt could be extraordinary. there are good ways to solve the social security medicare problem. we don't have to cut benefits for those that paid for them their whole life and are retired but we can offer better and less expensive solutions to younger workers who would choose four o. one k. style plan and a second rather than stay on the same plan they had because there are not many young men americans who believe they are going to get anything from social security. if they are actually offered real savings i think a lot of them would choose it. there are better ideas that don't cost the taxpayer money. good solutions. but we have to have the right messengers running for public office and we've got a chapter on that. now or never talks about picking candidates into doing it in a way that is better than we do now. it's not just about getting a good speech, but it's about people who have the ch
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3